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For all inquiries, please call our main reception between 8:30 AM  -  2:30 PM at (718) 421-9560

If you are requesting records, please email the pupil accounting secretary at:
or the parent coordinator at:

2310 Glenwood Road,

Brooklyn, NY 11210


Tel: (718) 421-9560

Fax: (718) 421-9561

Principal, Judith Ranft-Quartana:

Assistant Principal, Mrs. Ellman:

Main Office Staff: 

Parent Coordinator, Ms. Gonzalez:

Payroll Secretary, Mrs.Glasheen:

Pupil Secretary, Mrs. Avvento:

English as a New Language (ENL) Teachers:

Mrs. Wilson:

Mrs. Leopold:

School Base Support Team (SBST): 

IEP/SETSS Teacher, Ms. Patterson:

School Psychologist, Mrs. Falik:

Bilingual School Psychologist, Ms. Melgar:

Social Worker, Ms. Maldonado:

Family Worker, Ms. Tsontakis: 

Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Walpin:

Occupational Therapist, Ms. Levitsky:

Speech Teacher, Ms. BenLevi:>

Speech Teacher, Ms. Lenner

Speech Teacher, Ms. Goldman:

Speech Teacher, Ms. Lema:

Cluster Teachers and Additional Staff:

Gym Teacher, Mr. Bergin:

Gym Teacher, Ms. Cabrera:

Math Teacher, Mrs. Charles:

Music Teacher, Mr. Sokolowski:

Dance Teacher, Ms. Essner:

Art Teacher, Mr. Cassuto:

Library Teacher, Ms. DeSouza:

Ms. Bernard:

Literary Coach/Technology, Mrs. Valic:

AIS Teacher, Ms. Johnson:

MTSS Support Teacher, Mrs. Sanon:

Math Coach Teacher, Mrs. Weber:

Pre-Kindergarten Teachers:

Ms. Bruno:

Ms. Wood:

Kindergarten Teachers:

Mrs. Clarke:

Ms. Lyubarsky:

Ms. Wallace:

Ms. Taylor:

Ms. Murphy:

First Grade Teachers:

Ms. Larson:

Ms. Flit:

Ms. Cassuto:

Ms. Franck:

Mrs. Owens:

Second Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Martinez:

Ms. DePaolo:

Mr. Kimmel:

Mrs. Ferrara-Taylor:

Ms. Mohabir:

Ms. Lopez:

Third Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Ryan:

Mrs. Kowitski:

Ms. McKeever:

Fourth Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Stone:

Mrs. Warshall:

Mrs. Moran:

Mr. Saqlain:

Ms. Ledgin:

Fifth Grade Teachers:

Mr. Orji:

Ms. Douglas:

Ms. Giovanniello:

Ms. Dure:

Ms. Feinberg:

P.S. 315K Staff Emails

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