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Principal’s Vision Statement

PS 315K envisions a school as a diverse educational community of collaborative learners where all members are engaged in the educational process. Staff, parents, and students are all focused and working toward getting our students college and career ready to meet the challenges of an ever changing technological 21st century society. Students will develop through an academically rigorous curriculum important decision making, critical thinking and technological skills enhanced through the fine arts and fostering the ability to communicate effectively.

All members of the school community will share accountability for creating a positive, supportive, nurturing,

and respectful school environment, and for achieving successful student outcomes through a high quality,

standards driven curriculum where the arts are celebrated and diversity embraced.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of PS 315K is to promote a safe and respectful learning environment where students are educated to be college and career ready. PS 315K strives to serve the needs of its students, parents, and the entire learning community. We envision a school environment which celebrates diversity and enables all constituents to learn from the past and be ready to face the challenges and technologies of the future. We believe that the performing arts, combined with standards-driven instruction , will serve as an integral part of our academic program, which will build self-esteem and further increase the academic achievement of our students. While the primary goal is the improvement of student performance in keeping with the New York State Next Generation Standards, we hope that through the emergence of the arts, our children will be afforded the opportunity to make valuable contributions to the community.

By June 2024, practices related to social-emotional support will improve 5% from 86% to 91% as measured by positive NYC School Survey responses, teacher feedback and classroom observations resulting in improved collaborative and trusting relationships.


By June 2024, to strengthen the quality and implementation of IEPs for all Students with Disabilities, we will improve movement to the least restrictive environment by 10% from 40% to 50% as measured by students' success in meeting their IEP goals. 


By June 2024, grade level ELA proficiency for all students in grades K-2 will increase 5% from 37% of students performing at or above grade level to 42%, as measured by the end of year Acadience assessments. 


By June 2024, grade level proficiency in math for all students in grades K-5 will increase 5% from 33% to 38% as measured by end of year I-Ready screener data in math. 

CEP Goals

Instructional Focus

Improve teacher effectiveness in classroom practice centered on literacy learning with a focus on foundational skills including phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency through "Science of Reading" instructional practices leading to increased student outcomes in ELA so that all students move toward proficiency in reading. 

January 2, 2024


Dear PS 315K Parents and Guardians,

I want to begin by wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with much happiness and success!  During winter break, I hope you had the chance to catch up with friends and family and enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Now that the holidays are behind us, we come to the heart of our school year. Teachers are conscientiously teaching, and students are learning, the core content that students should know in each grade level. Soon students will be demonstrating their learning as they prepare to move to the next level in their academic careers. Attendance is crucial for optimum learning, and this is a critical time for students to attend every day possible in school. Parents, please be aware of the importance of your child coming to school on time, and we all must take extra precaution for ensuring the good health of our students. With the many viruses and illnesses that accompany the winter months, please encourage good eating, sleeping habits, and hand washing. If your child is showing symptoms of illness, please keep them at home until symptoms subside. Contact the school and your child’s teacher for missing assignments. Your child’s teacher also posts assignments for the students on the Google Classroom or the Class Dojo in case they are absent, so they don’t fall behind in their schoolwork.

Please remember that in case of a snowstorm or severe weather, schools may pivot to remote learning. Schools are prepared for this switch to remote learning if necessary. Of course, you will be notified in advance if this change is necessary.

Make sure to attend the PTA meetings which occur on the last Wednesday of every month, so you keep abreast of what is happening in school. You can also attend our monthly Breakfast with the Principal and Assistant Principal for this purpose, as well. Please refer to the Parent Calendar for the date of this breakfast as the date changes monthly.

Always remember, I have an open-door policy if you want to meet with me about an issue or concern. You can contact our Parent Coordinator, Angela Gonzalez, by email at or call the school and she can set up a meeting with me if you so desire. Again, I wish you best wishes for very happy and productive 2024 and best wishes for a successful second half of the school year!


Judith Ranft-Quartana, Principal

Principal's Message to P.S.315 

Principal, Judith Ranft-Quartana:

Assistant Principal, Mrs. Ellman:

Main Office Staff: 

Parent Coordinator, Ms. Gonzalez:

Payroll Secretary, Mrs.Glasheen:

Pupil Secretary, Mrs. Avvento:

English as a New Language (ENL) Teachers:

Mrs. Wilson:

Mrs. Leopold:

School Base Support Team (SBST): 

IEP/SETSS Teacher, Ms. Patterson:

School Psychologist, Mrs. Falik:

Bilingual School Psychologist, Ms. Melgar:

Social Worker, Ms. Maldonado:

Family Worker, Ms. Tsontakis: 

Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Walpin:

Occupational Therapist, Ms. Levitsky:

Speech Teacher, Ms. BenLevi:>

Speech Teacher, Ms. Lenner

Speech Teacher, Ms. Goldman:

Speech Teacher, Ms. Lema:

Cluster Teachers and Additional Staff:

Gym Teacher, Mr. Bergin:

Gym Teacher, Ms. Cabrera:

Math Teacher, Mrs. Charles:

Music Teacher, Mr. Sokolowski:

Dance Teacher, Ms. Essner:

Art Teacher, Mr. Cassuto:

Library Teacher, Ms. DeSouza:

Ms. Bernard:

Literary Coach/Technology, Mrs. Valic:

AIS Teacher, Ms. Johnson:

MTSS Support Teacher, Mrs. Sanon:

Math Coach Teacher, Mrs. Weber:

Pre-Kindergarten Teachers:

Ms. Bruno:

Ms. Wood:

Kindergarten Teachers:

Mrs. Clarke:

Ms. Lyubarsky:

Ms. Wallace:

Ms. Taylor:

Ms. Murphy:

First Grade Teachers:

Ms. Larson:

Ms. Flit:

Ms. Cassuto:

Ms. Franck:

Mrs. Owens:

Second Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Martinez:

Ms. DePaolo:

Mr. Kimmel:

Mrs. Ferrara-Taylor:

Ms. Mohabir:

Ms. Lopez:

Third Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Ryan:

Mrs. Kowitski:

Ms. McKeever:

Fourth Grade Teachers:

Mrs. Stone:

Mrs. Warshall:

Mrs. Moran:

Mr. Saqlain:

Ms. Ledgin:

Fifth Grade Teachers:

Mr. Orji:

Ms. Douglas:

Ms. Giovanniello:

Ms. Dure:

Ms. Feinberg:

P.S. 315K Staff Emails

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