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  • Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten Tour Season is open! Please email to request a date and time for a tour of our school!

  • Class DOJO is a great way to communicate with your child's teacher in your language. Click here to sign up!

  • NYCSA (New York City Schools Account) is a great way to access and edit your child's records and emergency contact information. Contact for help or call the main office at 718-421-9560.

  • Open Access will be once a month. We have made Open Access a more interactive experience where you participate in the learning your child is doing in the classroom. You will “walk in your child’s footsteps" as you participate with your child in the learning process. 

  • Interested in Bus Service or a MetroCard for your child? Applications are available in the Main Office or you can email for more information. 

  • Family Income Inquiry Forms help schools receive money for their programs. We are asking you to apply online at

  • Have you moved or changed schools? Please contact the school secretary, Mrs. D'Anna Avvento, at 718-4521-9560 or email her to find out more about the discharge/transfer process at

  • Always remember to contact the school in the morning if your child is going to be absent for the school day! If your child is going to the doctor, bring them in with the doctor's note! It will be coded as an excused absence. 

  • Please stay informed by visiting the NYC DOE website at

School Announcements:
June 2024

  • SneakerBall will be on Saturday, June 1st from 1-4 PM. 

  • Senior Dance is on June 3rd. 

  • P.S. 315 Basketball Game is on June 5th. 

  • NO SCHOOL on June 6th!

  • NO SCHOOL on June 7th!

  • Field Day for grade Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade and Fourth Grade is on June 10th. 

  • Spring Dance/Music Show is on June 12th.

  • Senior Trip is on June 13th.

  • Senior Day is on June 14th. 

  • Field Day for Fifth Grade is on June 14th. 

  • NO SCHOOL on June 17th.

  • NO SCHOOL on June 19th.

  • Birthday Celebrations are to be held on June 21st.

  • Grade 5 Graduation is on June 21st at 9:30AM.

  • Pre-Kindergarten Stepping Up Ceremony is on June 24th at 9AM.

  • Kindergarten Stepping Up Ceremony is on June 24th at 11AM.

  • Last day of school is June 26th! 

Registration for the 2024-2025 school year is open! Please come to the school building with the necessary documents for registration. Email the pupil accounting secretary at or call the school at 718-421-9560 if you have any questions and to make an appointment.


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